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We opened Gringo Café because while we love being in Rio we always crave some of our favorite American foods: A full American breakfast or brunch, pancakes, maple syrup, bagels, BBQ ribs, juicy burgers, real roast turkey, big healthy salads, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter, milkshakes, Bloody Mary’s and coffee with free refills! We make everything on the menu from scratch using authentic home style recipes and we train our servers to offer American style friendly service. At Gringo Café we want you to feel just like you do when you visit your favorite restaurants in the USA.



Everything on the menu made here in our kitchen


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What Our Customers Say

"Few blocks back from the waterfront in Ipanema. Went for lunch. I had the chili dog and my girlfriend had the grilled chicken. Food was good quality and delicious. Prompt, friendly service. Free wifi and free refills on Americano!! Price is very reasonable. One of the best value places in Ipanema"


~ MickJDD ~ Dublin, Ireland

“After you are traveling for a year or less, you cant say no the a great waffle, hamburger and ribs. Gringo Cafe is a nice American diner with great food and good prices! ”


~ Eden Y ~ Rio de Janeiro, RJ

“Exactly what it's name is - the hot spot for American food in Rio. At first, I wondered why some people in our group were so excited to come here but this was the closest to authentic American breakfast they were going to get without heading to the states”




~  Michele Q ~ New York City, NY

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